2021 Audi R8 Spyder Reviews – The Perfect Sports Car

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The 2021 Audi R8 Spyder is an incredible car. With its stunning interior and exterior styling, it is easy to see why this car is so popular. This car comes in a range of different options, and with all the technology and features that come with it, it is easy to understand why people are so excited about it. The R8 is also incredibly efficient and has an excellent 0-60 time, so you can have fun on the road without having to worry about a long commute.


The interior of the 2021 Audi R8 Spyder is a blend of elegance and sportiness. It features a low, sporty cockpit and a high-resolution digital gauge cluster. It offers a number of customization options.

The R8 offers two powerful engines: a 562-horsepower V-10 or a 602-horsepower V-10. The 5.2-liter V10 is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The base R8 uses five-speakers to deliver a 140W sound system. The Performance model adds a more potent engine and all-wheel drive.

The interior of the R8 offers comfortable seating with plenty of leg room for tall riders. The cabin offers a variety of technological features including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The R8 also has a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Audi R8’s interior is a sleek and minimalist space that’s filled with fine materials. The seats are heated and 18-way power adjustable. They feature lumbar adjustment and memory function. The steering wheel is perforated, and the center console is patterned with diamond patterning. The shift lever is finished in black Alcantara. The steering wheel controls feature a clickwheel, which is handy for controlling the infotainment system. The cabin is clad in leather and comes with a quilted or flat pattern.

The Virtual Cockpit display is a 12.3-inch unit that supports Android Auto. The dashboard can be personalized with different layouts for a more immersive experience. The instrument panel can be operated using voice commands or a steering-wheel-mounted button.

The Audi R8’s 5.2-liter V10 produces 532 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. It accelerates from zero to sixty in 3.4 seconds. It has an incredibly sweet exhaust note. It also features an active exhaust. The soft-top roof of the Spyder is powered by an electrohydraulic system that lowers the roof in twenty seconds at speeds of 31 mph. The roof is also acoustically-folding.

The R8 features a number of tech features, including the Bang & Olufsen premium sound system and advanced LED headlights with Audi Laser Light. It also offers high-resolution navigation that can be controlled via a clickwheel on the center console.

Exterior styling

A new model is on the way for the 2021 model year. The R8 Spyder will become a permanent addition to the R8 lineup. This car is a mid-engined supercar that is capable of amazing speed. The V10 engine produces 532 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. It is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The interior is luxurious. The dashboard features a minimalist design and high-quality materials. The seating surfaces are made of fine Nappa leather. The steering wheel is black Alcantara(r). The shift lever is finished with blue ceramic brake calipers. There is also a choice of eleven paint colors.

The exterior styling of the R8 Spyder is sleek and aggressive. A widened front splitter, a large air inlet and an inverted DRL combine to create a striking front end. The diffuser frames new elliptical tailpipes for the exhaust system. The rear spoiler is fixed. The carbon fiber side blades can be specified. The sideblades are available with a customer logo.

The soft top of the Audi R8 Spyder opens in twenty seconds. It weighs just 97 pounds and helps contribute to the low center of gravity. It is sunk into the bulkhead of the car and has rollover protection. It is acoustic and has a folding mechanism. The roof closes in a similar manner.

The R8 V10 performance quattro has a large fixed carbon fiber spoiler at the rear. The tailpipes are chrome-plated and gloss black. The wheels are standard 19-inch.

The R8’s engine is smooth and powerful. The sound only becomes raucous when the vehicle is pushed hard. However, it does not offer particularly good fuel economy. The R8 averages 16 mpg. The car is built on the Modular Sports System platform, shared with the Lamborghini Huracan.

The rear deck rises in a gentle curve from the rear to the passenger compartment. The roof is lowered with the electrohydraulic drive system in about 20 seconds. The roof can be lowered to a lower height if the driver requests. The soft top is a sunk in a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) bulkhead and weighs just 44 kilograms.

Fuel economy

The Audi R8 is a high performance sports car, which is ideal for driving enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers. This vehicle is available in two body styles: the coupe and the spyder. Each model has two powerful engines.

The coupe is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine, which produces 532 horsepower. The torque produced by the motor is 398 pound-feet. It’s paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The rear-wheel drive version is rated at 14 mpg city, 17 highway, and 15 combined. It also weighs 121 pounds less than the AWD version. This makes the car slightly more economical. However, there’s a Gas Guzzler Tax that applies to all buyers. It costs an additional $1700 per year for all models.

The AWD Performance and Quattro versions have average fuel economy estimates of 21-22 mpg. The base convertible models receive a 30-horsepower boost for 2022. Both have a re-calibrated digital gauge cluster.

The interior is minimalist and sleek. The seats are covered with Nappa leather. The dashboard features a 12.3-inch virtual cockpit that positions the screen right ahead of the driver. The interior is also equipped with wireless phone charging. There’s also an optional 13-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system.

The rear-drive coupe can hit 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds. It can reach a top speed of 204 mph. The Audi R8 isn’t as practical for families, though. It has limited trunk space and does not have a legitimate safety rating.

The front end of the 2021 Audi R8 spyder is sharp and aggressive. The side profile is distinctive and the taillights are inverted. The engine cover is black, and there are black badges. It also has an iconic side blade air intake. The rear-wheel-drive coupe, however, lacks the grip and stability of its all-wheel-drive counterpart.

The 2021 Audi R8 will be subject to the Gas Guzzler Tax. It will cost an extra $11,500 over five years, which is more than the price of an average vehicle. Unless you’re planning to put a lot of miles on your supercar, this isn’t a smart choice.


If you’re in the market for a supercar, you’ll be hard pressed to find a car as well rounded and exciting as the Audi R8. Its interior is sculpted with sport seats, and its cabin is fitted with materials that are purposeful. While it may not be the most fuel efficient, its roaring V10 engine, paired with a wide array of optional upgrades, makes it one of the most satisfying sports cars around.

The R8’s chassis has been designed specifically for rear-wheel drive. Its power is sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The 4.2-litre FSI V8 has a carbon composite spaceframe, and it produces 428 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque.

The engine has two states of tune. The Plus model is powered by a 533 horsepower V10, while the Performance model delivers a 602 horsepower V10. Both models feature an automatic retractable cloth roof that adds 97 pounds of weight.

The R8’s base trim features rear-wheel drive, but it’s also available in AWD and quattro four-wheel drive. The AWD version has a rating of 20 mpg on the highway and 13 mpg in the city. AWD models feature a higher top speed, and the Performance models get the Sport Exhaust option.

The R8’s interior features a simple layout with a digital gauge cluster that doubles as an infotainment system. It’s fitted with sculpted sport seats, and it’s available in leather in a flat pattern or with matching stitching.

The Audi R8’s exterior features LED headlights with laser components. Its bodywork is elegant, and its standard steering setup relays information to the driver with enough feel. The R8 can reach speeds of up to 205 mph.

The rear-wheel drive R8 is an edgy supercar. It offers sharper handling than most competitors, and it’s capable of a 3.2-second acceleration time to 60 mph. However, its handling can feel unsettled in full-attack mode. Its steering can’t match the confidence of other rivals, and it has oversteer at corner entry.

The R8’s base rear-wheel drive models have wheel dimensions of 8.5 J x 18 at the front and 235/40 and 285/35 at the rear. These models have electronic adjustable sport seats.